When peace, democracy and human rights are challenged in West Africa the WAHRD programme and its partners often get involved.
At local, national and regional levels, WAHRD supports prevention of conflicts, good governance activities and monitoring of human rights.
By strengthening national and regional civil society networks, WAHRD supports the development of a safe and democratic West Africa.


WAHRD mentors Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to promote peace, democracy, good governance and human security.

Activities include:

  • Supporting partners to establish themselves as respected and trustworthy actors to be reckoned with in the mediation of national and regional conflicts
  • Networking initiatives to unite partners in their efforts to address challenges to peace, democracy and human security
  • Establishing good relations with media in the region
  • Media Foundation of West Africa has published reports on violations against freedom of speech and media freedom in the region and these are now being used to guide the litigation processes at the Court of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)


WAHRD supports citizens to demand their rights to information, peace and development. Local communities are engaged in regional networks on risk and security, democratisation processes, small arms and peace brokering, and partners are supported to campaign for women’s participation in peace-building and governance and to promote free, fair and non-violent elections.

Activities include:

  • Supporting partners to establish direct relations with national governments
  • The WAHRD partner West Africa Peace Building Network (WANEP) has facilitated the re-organisation of peace-building networks in Liberia and Ghana. This enables WANEP to support their member organisations in their work with early conflict warning and democratic challenges

Partners: Media Foundation for West Africa, FOSDA, WANEP

Donors: Danida, Oxfam IBIS

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