In March 2016, IBIS officially became Oxfam IBIS. We took this step because poverty is a global problem, which we need to eradicate through global cooperation. Our Oxfam membership offers huge opportunities – join us!

50 Years of History

It is, of course a coincidence that we are turning 50 and becoming Oxfam IBIS in the same year. Nevertheless, it makes quite a lot of sense.

For 25 years, we were the Danish chapter of World University Service (WUS), a global network of student organisations which fought for education for all.

Our sympathy with liberation movements and the struggle against Apartheid changed our approach, as we actively sought to support these movements’ quests for freedom and democracy by means of education.

Our programmes and ambitions grew. We ceased to belong to WUS, and for the next 25 years our name was IBIS, an independent Danish development organisation, free to partner up with whoever shared our belief that education creates

One such partner has been Oxfam. Our cooperation has been particularly strong at the political level, seeking to influence the unjust structures that keep people in poverty, but we have also joined forces to secure education for all, including through the Global Campaign for Education, the Danish arm of which is the Education for All campaign.

The need for closer ties of cooperation grew. In the year 2000, we joined Alliance 2015, carrying out joint programmes with other NGOs in Europe. This engagement has now ended.

Oxfam has over 70 years’ experience and works in more than 90 countries. We know what it takes to eradicate poverty.

And we can mobilise and involve people and resources across the world to make it happen. Last year, Oxfam helped more than 25 million people, and conducted campaigns in favour of an even higher number of people.

We are Oxfam - Together!

Oxfam is a global movement of people who won’t live with poverty, and we work to- gether to end this injustice for everyone. We are ordinary people from all walks of life: idealistic enthusiasts, school teachers, catering students, policy experts, mining activists, cocoa farmers, women’s rights advocates, water engineers, parents, fundraisers, development practitioners, campaign staff, indigenous peoples, and many more.

We believe we can be empowered by working together for a just and equal world without poverty. A world where everyone has the opportunity to get a good education, so that they can fight poverty in their own life. Where everyone exerts influence on the decisions that affect their life. Where everyone becomes safer and comes back stronger after disasters. And where everyone is able to exercise their rights and duties as full citizens in a democratic world, where all are seen and treated as equals.

Blazing New Trails...

The struggle against poverty and injustice has always been in IBIS’ DNA. The only difference now is that we are fighting alongside even more people, and the whole world has become our field of work. We have joined a vigorous organisation that is quick to react when disaster strikes. This also enables Oxfam IBIS to be ready to involve the Danes in helping victims come back stronger, so that they can cope on their own, perhaps even better than before. Oxfam IBIS is known as one of Europe’s strongest champions of everyone’s right to a good education. Oxfam is the world’s leading expert in securing water and sanitation in disaster scenarios. Our cooperation criss-crosses all areas, and we are happy to share our knowledge with other organisations too.

... Yet Staying on Course

In Oxfam IBIS, we continue to work for a just world, in which everyone has equal access to education, influence and resources. We still believe that partnerships are the path to sustainable development. By working within Oxfam, opportunities for cooperation are expanded.

The struggle for quality education continues to be the top item on our list. Because schooling that gives one the ability to earn livelyhood and the courage to speak up is one of the most important tools for facing up to inequality and fighting poverty.

As members of Oxfam, we are strengthening our efforts to prevent big corporations and absurdly rich individuals from hiding vast fortunes in tax havens – money that could have been spent on, for instance, schools for the poorest people in the world. This is because the struggle against tax havens needs to be waged globally, and those in power will pay real attention when we speak with one voice.

Likewise, we will continue to fight for the rights of indigenous peoples, not least in Latin America. Because poverty also needs to be fought when it is confined to particular vulnerable groups.

The End of Poverty?

Ending poverty for everyone isn’t a pipe dream. We know that people have the power to do it – that a person’s time, money or action can help to end poverty for someone else. But more than that, we believe that within our lifetime, we really won’t live with extreme poverty anymore. It’s hard to believe but the proportion of the world who are living on less than $1.25 (the World Bank’s definition of extreme poverty) has halved in just 15 years, from 36% to 18%. We believe, and leading experts agree, that in 15 more years we can end extreme poverty for good.