Oxfam IBIS in South Sudan

Oxfam IBIS has worked in South Sudan since 2007. We work with education activities for children and youth as well as political participation in the new nation building.

The focus of Oxfam IBIS´s education activities has until recently been the ALP classes (Accelerated Learning Programme), where older children are given the opportunity to complete eight years’ basic school in half the time.

Since 2007, Oxfam IBIS has been responsible for the programme which has trained teachers, local communities and employees in the local school system so they can head this unique teaching programme.

New activities includes improving education in the province of Northern Bahr El Ghazal, which harbours many refugees.

In South Sudan, Oxfam IBIS works closely together with local and state authorities, international organisations such as Alliance2015, UNICEF and the growing civil society.

Selected results

1,329 people studied a course of basic reading and business understanding in 2015, and were helped to start up 88 small business groups, which produced and sold, for instance, tea, pastry and second-hand clothes. The groups earned between € 15 and 50 a month last year. That is hardly a fortune, but it is much more than what the group members have previously had to spend.

In 2015 7,972 South Sudanese – primarily women – were taught, among other things, how to grow vegetables. This will enable them to give their family a varied diet, and some of them will harvest a surplus for sale on the market.

Oxfam IBIS took the first step to set up a partner platform in 2015, so that local NGOs, authorities and other stakeholders can cooperate on building South Sudan’s education sector from the ground up.