Tax, resources and climate change in Mozambique

Mozambique is rich in natural resources. But not many Mozambicans benefit directly from this natural abundance. The budgetary management of the sector is not always transparent, without public and independent disclosure of the companies’ tax payments or the revenues resulting from petroleum, gas and mineral products.

Consequently enormous revenues from the natural resources are not taxed fairly, ending up not benefiting the population, but rather only a small group of people directly or indirectly related to the extractive companies.

Many of the existing activities undertaken by the mining companies has devastating consequences for the areas where they operate. The extraction of natural resources often seriously contaminate the environment, the soil, water and air as well as resulting in cutting down of forests and destroying fertile farming areas.

IBIS support civil society partners to work for a transparent and accountable management of the extractive industries in Mozambique, as a fundamental way to strengthen democratic development as well as combat poverty and corruption.