Photo: William Vest-Lillesøe

Oxfam IBIS in Ghana and its partner Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) have since early 2013 collaborated on a project that seeks to bring citizen concerns directly to politicians through the use of radio.

The project, which is named “Using Radio to Promote Effective and Participatory Local Governance in Northern Ghana”, gives people in northern Ghana the chance to demand accountability from leaders in their respective districts, municipalities and metropolitan areas by using the reach of media. MFWA works with a number of radio stations in the Upper East, Upper West and Northern regions to enable citizens to engage with political assembly members on issues related to local development and democracy.

Specifically, the project helps participating radio stations to develop news stories, radio documentaries and talk shows that increase citizens’ understanding and knowledge of the work of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies with the aim to deepen the understanding and participation by citizens in the governance process in their localities. Issues debated on the radio include access to information, funds and expenditures, and the status of public development plans.

Eight radio stations are participating in the project: Diamond FM, Justice FM, URA Radio, Word FM, A1 Radio FM, Radford FM, Quality FM, and Radio Upper West.
Direct results of the increased interaction between citizens and politicians so far include the provision of furniture and lights to primary schools and the installation of streetlights in otherwise dark towns.

Partner: MFWA

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