Funding Leadership Opportunities for Women in short: FLOW


Violence against women is widespread and a major obstacle to development and poverty alleviation.

The project

Supports women and their organisations in gaining political influence, by creating the changes and frameworks that reduce violence and discriminates against women.

The program will work towards placing the prevention of violence against women on the political agenda in the three countries, and work to improve the mechanisms for preventing and protecting against violence. By working with national civil society organisations, the program will mobilise women and their organisations to obtain the necessary political leverage to create the behavioral and institutional changes needed to reduce violence against women and girls.

The program will work to achieve:

  • Women as rights holders have become change agents in the prevention of gender-based violence and increased democratic participation.
  • Public institutions have increased compliance with the principle of due diligence (detect, prevent, address, protect, punish and repair) in cases of violence against women and girls.
  • Gender based violence with focus on, human trafficking; sexual exploitation and forced marriages in Central America, Burundi and Liberia are more effectively combated at regional and national level
  • Cultural perceptions of women’s right to a life free of violence and political participation have improved.

Geographical area: Burundi, Liberia and Guatemala

Project period: 2017-2022

Partners: The Dutch NGO Impunity Watch with activities in Burundi and Guatemala, Oxfam IBIS with activities in Guatemala and Liberia in collaboration with preliminary eight local organisations

Funding: 80 million Danish kroner granted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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