We initiated our work in Burkina Faso in 2014 with the launch of an educational project targetings 75,000 children in two of the country's poorest provinces.

This is done in cooperation with the Danish NGO Bornefonden. The focus is on training new teachers and on the job training of active teachers, as well as engage and strengthen parents and communities to support the education of children and getting local and national authorities to give priority to quality education.

Other areas of focus are development and rights in Burkina Faso's mining industry and climate changes.

Facts about

Burkina Faso is located in French-speaking West Africa and has 17 million inhabitants spread over an area six times the size of Denmark.

Burkina Faso is rich in natural resources and has a large cotton production, but according to the UN statement, the country is still the world's third poorest.

Selected results

  • In cooporation with the Danish NGO BØRNEfonden, we distributed more than 6,000 blackboards in 2015, which the schoolchildren use for group work. A total of 43,676 pupils have benefited.
  • By means of radio and theatre, we have informed the population in two provinces about climate change. Accordingly, thousands of families have learned how to become less vulnerable.
  • In 2015 40 women and young people have taken a course in leadership, leaving them better equipped to take part in local democracy.

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