IBIS in Mozambique

Mozambique is the country where IBIS has worked the longest of the current countries of coorporation - since 1976. We work with 29 different local organisations and have 39 employees -  promoting education and democratic development.

Selected results

Many pupils in Mozambican schools are unable to read. We have therefore worked to measure reading skills among third graders with a new testing tool. It has boosted the motivation of teachers and school managers that they can now measure the quality of teaching. In 2015, 3,139 pupils were tested, and 87 percent were found able to read and write. This was an improvement of 17 percentage on the previous year.


According to a law from 2013, 20 percent of the income from forestry must benefit the local population, but the law had never been upheld. In 2015 Oxfam IBIS helped local councils in the Mocuba District to open bank accounts, into which anamount equivalent to € 14,400 was subsequently deposited. This money can now be spent on improvements in the community.


A random sample showed that 45 percent of teachers in Mozambican schools failed to turn up in class. Together with our partners, we set up a group on the social medium WhatsApp, where citizens can share photos of teachers’ truancy. The system is used by the authorities to keep an eye on whether teachers report for duty. As a direct consequence, two teachers have been dismissed in 2015.