Oxfam IBIS in Liberia

Oxfam IBIS began working in Liberia in 2005 in order to support a generation of older children and young people who had never attended school because of the war. since 2012, Oxfam IBIS also supports new organisations in order to strengthen education and democratic influence. Oxfam IBIS in Liberia has 85 employees and in 2014 achieved a turnover of approx. DKK 14,2 million.

Selected results

In 2015 we helped develop a so-called Safe School Protocol. It set the standard for safety and hygiene in schools, when children returned after the Ebola outbreak.


Oxfam IBIS coordinated our partners’ efforts at a major donor conference in 2015. This enabled local stakeholders to talk with one voice when explaining to the international community what their country needed in order to recover from Ebola.


A constitutional amendment has long been underway in Liberia, but the process stalled during the Ebola outbreak. Together with our partners, we met with the government in 2015 and assisted in drawing up a plan for how to carry out the amendment. In addition, we held radio-transmitted debates on the issue.