Bente Mølgaard in Ghana. - Photo: Hempel

Bente Mølgaard, Director of CSR at Hempel


The paint producer Hempel is keen to take on global responsibility, which is why the company, acting through the Hempel Foundation, supports education for the world’s poorest.

Cooperation with Oxfam IBIS began in 2011, when Hempel initially supported   two schools in Mozambique, and this commitment has since been significantly expanded, turning Hempel into our largest private sector partner today. Thus, in 2015, the Hempel Foundation supported a variety of education-related Oxfam IBIS projects in Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Bolivia.

Since 2011, the Hempel Foundation has helped give more than 10,000 children a quality education, which they would not otherwise have received.

Why do you cooperate with Oxfam IBIS?

“I heard about the organisation for the first time at a reception some six-seven years ago, and I was the one who got in contact after that. You’ve got a longstanding track record as the best in Denmark in the field of education. You’re highly competent and knowledgeable, and most of our results together have been quite good. So overall we’re very satisfied with our cooperation.”

What has been the greatest success?

“That has definitely been our projects in Ghana, where we’ve helped get thousands of children from rural districts to school, children who’d never otherwise have had an education. We have taken part in building 12 schools, which have since been transferred to the government, and continue to work well. It gives us immense satisfaction to have made a difference for so many people in this way.”

What does Hempel gain from the cooperation?

“It’s a fabulous story to tell our staff at Hempel that the fruit of their intense labour is helping to send the world’s poorest children to school rather than just being pocketed by shareholders. At some stage, we calculated that each employee is helping to support nine children’s education around the world. This is a source of great pride and boosts job satisfaction for everyone.”