Volunteer at Oxfam IBIS Maria Libonati. - Photo: Rikke Hovn Poulsen

Why did you become a volunteer at Oxfam IBIS?

“I’m studying Spanish, I’ve travelled widely in Latin America, and I generally think it’s an amazing continent. So when I moved to Copenhagen, I longed for a forum of people I could share this in terest with. I searched on the web, and I happened to come across Oxfam IBIS. Shortly after, I attended an info meeting to hear about the organisation’s work, and it just sounded so exciting. Here were some cool people, and I just felt it was a place I wanted to be.”

What do you do as a volunteer?

“I’ve been attached to the Latinofilm group since the beginning. We show documentaries and arrange talks about Latin American subjects. I recently became the group leader, so now I’m the one responsible for the events. In the spring, I also took part in passing around a petition for the Refugee Children in School campaign. It was cool to be out and about like a true activist, meeting lots of people in the street, so I’d like to do more of that sort of stuff.”

What’s in it for you?

”First and foremost, I get to know a lot of interesting people who care about the same issues as me. In fact, I’ve met several of my really close friends here. Academically speaking, it enables me to move in international circles, where I can practise my Spanish and talk with people from Spain and Latin America. And then it’s nice to spend my time on something that makes just a tiny difference for other people in this world.”

Maria Libonati, 26 years, Studies Spanish in Copenhagen. Has been a volunteer at Oxfam IBIS Latinofilm since January 2015.