Oxfam IBIS in Ghana

Oxfam IBIS in Ghana is working towards quality education for children and youth, and supporting civil society in order to reinforce the rights of the population and their participation in decision making processes.

Development activities in 2014 was DKK 16,5 million.

Selected results

Although women often hold much power in tribal communities, this role is fading away. Our partners set out to turn the spotlight back onto traditional female chiefhood. Among their activities in 2015, they published a photo diary about some of these women’s lives. It is intended to inspire other women getting involved in politics.


In 2015 our partner ACEP published a report on illegal money flows and loopholes in the tax system, which has cost Ghana USD 3.86 billion over a period of ten years. The report became a hot issue in the media, and ACEP entered into a dialogue with the authorities about reforming extractive industries.


Oxfam IBIS’ Girls Model School was such a success that the authorities in another district decided to copy it. Accordingly, even more poor girls are now getting the opportunity to receive a quality education.


In a number of cases, the general public have managed to expose abuse relating to the country's extractive industry.


3,243 traditional leaders and opinion makers have signed the campaign to support women in local elections. The number of female candidates has now tripled.


A special teaching method known as "Active learning", developed and tested by Oxfam IBIS and our partner Edukans, has been recognised and will now be used nationwide.