Oxfam IBIS and ActionAid Denmark volunteers at the political festival in Bornholm calling on the government to stop tax-havens. - Photo: Sebastian Chatham

More volunteers joined Oxfam IBIS over the past year. Their efforts to involve the Danish people are crucial for our organisation. In 2015, they were in contact with more than 75,000 people. Here is a selection of what they did

"As a civil society organisation fighting global inequality and poverty, engaging the Danish people is at the core of Oxfam IBIS’ work. The more people know and support our visions, the stronger we are when pushing for a more just distribution of the world’s resources. Every year, our volunteers are in dialogue with many thousands of Danes." says Sebastian Chatham, Campaign coordinator, Oxfam IBIS

Political Festival in Bornholm

This year was the first time Oxfam IBIS’ volunteers attended the annual ‘Folkemøde’ (translated by the organisers as ‘The People’s Political Festival’) on the island of Bornholm. Together with MS ActionAid Denmark, we circulated a petition against tax havens, and we took part in numerous debates, including when the Minister of Foreign Affairs presented the government’s new development cooperation strategy.

Coldplay Concerts

Oxfam was invited to the British rock band Coldplay’s world tour, where we passed around a petition in support of the global ‘Stand As One’ campaign in solidarity with the world’s refugees. So obviously the volunteers from Oxfam IBIS were there when the band hit Copenhagen in early July. And our team did well. In fact, we came out on top by collecting more signatures in a single night than anywhere else in Europe.

Refugee Children in School

We handed over more than 10,000 signatures to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, petitioning him to help get all refugee children in the world in school. This was possible not least thanks to the efforts of our volunteers. They supported the campaign by petitioning in front of Christiansborg, which hosts the Danish parliament. Here they got people to sign the petition, among other activities.

Fresh Start in Aalborg

Actually, the volunteer group in Aalborg closed down in the summer of 2015. But a small core of students refused to give up. In early 2016, they singlehandedly managed to get their local chapter back on its feet. They have already been on the street on several occasions, shown films in the Student House and taken part in debate meetings.


In 2015, the successful ‘Latinofilm’ concept attracted more than 500 people in Copenhagen and Aarhus in order to watch and discuss films from Latin America. This promising development continued into 2016, when Aalborg joined in. When the city’s volunteer group announced its first film showing, the interest was so overwhelming and soon it was sold out.

Official Campaign Material

Initially when volunteers in Aarhus produced photos and videos about the transition from IBIS to Oxfam IBIS in June, it was mainly intended for internal consumption. However, the material was so good we ended up using it in Oxfam IBIS’ official campaign on social media about the change of name.

Successfull recruitment

In 2015, we held five info meetings around the country. 127 people turned up, expressing an interest in becoming Oxfam IBIS volunteers. Accordingly, by the end of year, we had reached 111 so-called ‘core volunteers’, i.e. the dedicated core making sure the wheels keep turning. In addition, we relied on about 120 volunteers with a slightly more flexible commitment, who would lend a hand as needed during campaigns and events.

Climate March

In November, people across the world marched in the big Climate March, calling politicians to attention prior to the climate change negotiations in Paris. In Denmark about 600 activists took to the streets, including a good handful of volunteers from Oxfam IBIS.

Tax Campaign

Of course, the tax campaign during the Danish spring also involved lots of volunteers. They circulated a petition and produced social media contents, among other activities.

World's Best Morning Party

The World’s Best News is a concept in which NGOs, companies and government authorities join forces to celebrate encouraging developments taking place in the world. The annual tradition is for Oxfam IBIS to hand out newspapers and breakfast at Copenhagen’s City Hall Square, but this year we went a bit further up. We managed to get a massive morning party going, with 1,200 revellers dancing to the DJ’s tunes, taking note of the upbeat message, and drinking free
coffee. About 40 volunteers helped to make it possible.