Education in Liberia

Photo: Rikke Bruntse Dahl

Oxfam IBIS focuses on education as a right for children and youth in Liberia to help them lift themselves out of poverty and to increase the capacity, the skills and the knowledge of the nation in order to bring about development. Oxfam IBIS’ works to ensure access to quality education in the South East of the country.

Vocational training

Oxfam IBIS supports vocational training for young people with no formal education. Skills, such as sewing, carpentry and vehicle rapair put them on a career path to improve their chances of earning a living through self-employment.

The students are mostly young people who have no or little schooling, often due to war, povert or early pregnancy.

Teacher training

The level of teachers’ education is one of the main challenges in ensuring quality education for all in Liberia. Many teachers only have a few years of basic training if any, and this affects the quality of their teaching. As a result many children leave primary school without being able to read or write. That is why teacher training is a central element in the work Oxfam IBIS is doing in Liberia.

In Oxfam IBIS’ Education for Change programme teachers are trained in basic numeracy and literacy skills, and modern pedagogical methods, which engage the children actively in the classroom, as well as two-way communication between the teachers and students. The teachers are also trained in planning in accordance with the national curriculum, so they cover all the mandatory topics of the subject.

Only trained teachers can get on goverment payroll. Most of the teachers that Oxfam IBIS is working with are not formally trained, hence Oxfam IBIS supports teachers in the propgrammes to repare for the admission test so they can become fully trained teachers