IBIS has launched a campaign to create global awareness of Ebola and the need to focus on the widespread social and economic consequences of the epidemic in West African countries.

In Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, hugs, handshakes and other physical greetings are integrated parts of daily lives but the Ebola epidemic has put a stop to such signs of friendliness and affection for fear of contagion with the deadly disease. Instead, a new greeting, the "Ebola handshake", has emerged where elbows are held out towards each other while avoiding any actual physical contact. And it has even spread to other countries in the region.

Share the video and take a self portrait – a "selfie" – with a friend or stranger and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ebolahandshake. Don't forget to tag 3 friends and help spread the new greeting while creating awareness of the situation in West Africa.