Democratic influence in Bolivia

Photo: Toke Nyborg

Oxfam IBIS supports good governance and intercultural democracy in Bolivia. We promote opportunities for men and women from civil society, especially the indigenous peoples, for them to be able to exercise their democratic influence.

Indigenous territory

The development of indigenous peoples is backed by a vision of respect and harmony with nature. Oxfam IBIS supports alternative spaces that offers new models of development, from an indigenous point-of-view. We support the organizational and technical capabilities that enable the implementation of intercultural management. We aim to enable the organizations to propose and implement proposals to the indigenous management with an intercultural vision and prospects for sustainability.

Indigenous media

Oxfam IBIS has supported the radio station Erbol to create opportunities for dissemination, information and discussion of indigenous thinking and political vision. The radio station contributes to the construction of an intercultural society in the framework of the Bolivian Plurinational State.

Youth in Bolivia

Oxfam IBIS supports young people to realise their potential and become active citizens.

HIV and AIDS in Bolivia

Oxfam IBIS has been developing and implementing projects dealing with HIV and AIDS in relation to indigenous peoples and their sexual and reproductive rights. More than 11,000 people in Bolivia are living with the virus but only one out of ten known their diagnosis. The Bolivian health system has only a limited ability to correctly diagnose the disease, which is related with stigmatization and taboo due to a lack of knowledge.