Illustration: Yeray Lopez

Operation One Day's Work has chosen for Danish high school students in 2013 to raise money for an IBIS project in Sierra Leone with a focus on young people benefitting from the country's diamonds.

The project will train young people in the poor mining region Kono in Sierra Leone. The objective is to equip them to be powerful and politically sharp front runners, so they can lead the fight against the mining companies' ruthless exploitation of the country's resources. By monitoring and asking critical questions about the mining activities the 300 young men and women in the target group will help to ensure that a fair share of the profits from the mining industry goes to their future education, jobs and development.


See and hear the project presentation (in Danish)

About Operation One Day's Work

Operation One Day's Work is a charity program based on volunteering by high school students. The concept is for the schools to allow the students to leave their high school and work for a single day. The pay for this day of work goes to whatever charity the organization behind the national committee decides.