Photo: Lotte Ærsøe

The Danish part of the global campaign Education for All puts children's right to education on the school curriculum.

In Denmark the activities includes of a book The Reading Rocket with a website where students can explore movies, photos and music, and the teacher can find specific projects, educational material for theme weeks, and much more. In addition, classes can choose to participate in the 'Global Action Week' as well as a class competition where students from Denmark, Schleswig in the Danish speaking Northern Germany and Greenland have the opportunity to raise money for children's education in developing countries.

The Reading Rocket

The Reading Rocket is a free book addressed to pupils in basic education in Denmark with stories and portraits of children’s everyday life in other countries. The book is an optional supplement to the curriculum, aiming at encouraging the pupils’ desire to read meanwhile increasing their reflection about central educational questions. In 2013 the book was distributed to nearly 200.000 pupils and 10.000 teachers making it the most significant global learning material in Denmark.

Global Action Week

The purpose of the Global Action Week is to remind world leaders of the commitments they signed with the Dakar Declaration in 2000 regarding Education for All. Every year 8 million pupils from more than 120 countries participate in the Global Action Week with various activities and campaigns to help communicate the simple message: Every child has a right to education!     
The Reading Rocket and the Global Action Week are both vital instruments in the work of raising awareness on children’s right to education, but also in providing Danish pupils with global knowledge and global competences.

Class competition

The class competition provides pupils with the opportunity to raise money to children’s education in developing countries. The children can participate in the competition by selling lottery tickets, arranging flee markets, or selling cake – the activity is up to the classes themselves. Every year the campaign focuses on a country in either Africa or Latin America. This year the campaign is focusing on children's education in Sierra Leone.

Education for All – part of a global campaign

IBIS Education for All campaign is part of a wider international movement and campaign called The Global Campaign for Education (GCE). With members from more than 100 countries, including international and regional bodies as well as national coalitions, GCE is the most significant player in the work to ensure children around the world education and hold governments accountable to their commitment on Education for All.
IBIS has been elected to the board of the Global Campaign for Education in 2011. As part of the Education Network in Denmark, IBIS, is at the moment representing all the educational coalitions in North America and Europe in the support to GCE on Education for All.