At the back from left: Mie Roesdahl (general secretary), Mikkel Balslev, Poul Erik Christoffersen, Charlotte van Doorn Bernhard, Peter Andersen, Maya Lindberg Brink, Bjarke Lindemann Jepsen and Magdi Engelstoft el-Toukhy In front from left: Mathias Munk Schmidt, Merete Høgh Jeppesen, Christian Damholt (Chair person) and Christine Rasmussen Not present in the photo: Gitte Gram, Jakob Lindell Ruggaard, Karsten Damgaard and Kristoffer Marslev - photo: Lotte Ærsøe

Oxfam IBIS' political leadership is elected by the members each year at the annual assembly. The Board has 14 members, who takes the overall decisions and sets the framework for Oxfam IBIS' work.

The Board elects a Chairperson and a vice-chairperson, and constitute the following committees.

The Executive Committee is responsible for Oxfam IBIS economy, staffing and operations, etc.

The Program Committee works mainly with strategies and thematic programs, methodology and evaluation.

The Temporary thematic committees will be established as needed.

Christian Damholt is the Chairperson of Oxfam IBIS

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