Mette Müller, chair of IBIS' board (to the left) celebrates IBIS' membershif of Oxfam together with Winnie Byanyima, Oxfam International Executive Director. - Photo: Dianna Langley


Tom Dixon, Annelie Abildgaard and Bjarke Lindemann Jepsen

On the 18th of March, chairpersons from the 17 Oxfam affiliates approved IBIS as member number 18 of the global confederation. See below how the other Oxfams welcomes IBIS.

IBIS is now a full member of Oxfam. This means that IBIS has influence in a worldwide NGO and work side by side with 17 other Oxfam members to fight poverty and inequality in more than 90 countries.

‘The formal membership of Oxfam International means that the ongoing partnership will be strengthened enormously. IBIS can contribute to and benefit from the membership in many ways, but more importantly it means that the work to end poverty and fight the extreme inequality will be strengthened," Vagn Berthelsen says.

"From the outset it has been clear that Oxfam and IBIS shares both vision and values, and that is the basis for a strong partnership," he continues.

A Scandinavian perspective

"IBIS will benefit from the global outreach, many areas of expertise and the unique research and advocacy capacity of Oxfam. IBIS will also bring competences and resources to Oxfam, not least within the field of education. In areas such as extractives and illicit capital flight there are significant complementarity and the Latin America presence is also important."

Also the Scandinavian perspective is important according to Vagn Berthelsen.

"The Scandinavian countries have for many years had a significant influence in development policy, and IBIS is well positioned to strengthen the NGO cooperation in the Nordic countries and to work with the development agencies to enhance the work for democracy, human rights and poverty alliviation."

Reactions from other Oxfam member organizations

IBIS is proud to join Oxfam, and Oxfam welcomes IBIS to the Oxfam family. Below is just a few examples:

Ricardo Fuentes Nieva, Executive Director of Oxfam Mexico
“Great to know the Oxfam family is growing and that we will have a Scandinavian member. IBIS will be able to share and help us build a fair more just society with a strong voice and protection for all its citizens. So, welcome IBIS! We are glad to have you on board.”

Sipho Mthathi, Executive Director of Oxfam South Africa
“Many of us have known IBIS before it became an Oxfam, and many of us in the South have derived great solidarity from this organisation that supported many of our liberation struggles. It’s exciting to be in Oxfam right now and to have this great organisation admitted to the Oxfam family. And exciting that we have the opportunity to build on the global solidarity that we’ve known from IBIS over so many years. Welcome to the family!”

Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight, Chair of Oxfam International
“This partnership will allow a mutual strengthening of our work, expanding humanitarian and development activities throughout the world given the presence of Oxfam and IBIS in so many countries. In addition, IBIS’ connections with the Scandinavian world will help our work to reach out to even more areas.”