IBIS' members voted yes to IBIS joining Oxfam. - Photo: Viggo Degnbol


Hanne Selnæs

IBIS’ Annual Meeting has approved affiliation to Oxfam, one of the world’s largest development and relief aid organisations.

“By joining Oxfam, IBIS can gain a much stronger voice and greater opportunities to help make the world more just.  It also enables us to extend the reach of our work with quality education, fiscal justice and rights in individual countries and on a global scale,” says IBIS’ chairwoman, Mette Müller, following the Annual Assembly on Saturday 24.th October.

Preserving the organisation’s solid roots in civil society, Mette Müller expects IBIS in Oxfam to be in an even stronger position going forward when it comes to working for more equality in the world:

“A better world, where taxes help finance education and democracy,” she says.

Throughout the past year, IBIS has had observer status in Oxfam. During this period, the two organisations have got to know each other and have tested their cooperation.

“This year has made us much wiser. We know that the membership of Oxfam will open up a great wealth of opportunities. Not only when it comes to our work with quality education, but also in our fundraising and campaigning,” the chairwoman notes.

“And obviously the decisive factor in our choice has been the fact that the Oxfam’s visionary North-South-balanced and progressive agenda coincides to a great extent with IBIS’ vision,” says Mette Müller.

”Finally, Oxfam is a key international NGO with competencies that IBIS can contribute towards and make use of,” says Mette Müller, who considers Oxfam to be the number one global voice for the poorest people in the world today.  For instance, when the world’s most powerful ministers of finance meet, Oxfam is invited to the table.

“We would like to make our mark on the international political scene that defines the daily lives of the poorest people in the world. This is why Oxfam is the perfect place for IBIS to seek influence,” concludes Mette Müller, chairwoman of IBIS, following today’s decision of the Annual Assembly, where, after a long debate, the vast majority of members ended up voting yes to IBIS joining Oxfam.

To complete its Oxfam affiliation, IBIS needs to amend its statutes at two extraordinary assemblies. Subsequently, Oxfam must formally approve admission of IBIS.  Moreover, membership of Oxfam will require a change of name and a major restructuring of IBIS as an organisation over the next couple of years.