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Education for Change concept papers

Here you will also find the current concept papers on education.

The Oxfam IBIS Education for Change strategy states the overall objective of Oxfam IBIS’ work with education as follows:

"Poor and marginalized children, youth and adults are empowered through quality education, and civil society organisations are strengthened in order to promote, claim and achieve their individual and collective rights to formal and non-formal quality education, thereby enabling structural, political and social change".

The strategic lines of action are: 1) Quality Education and 2) Education Policy and Financing, and all of Oxfam IBIS’ work in these two areas is closely linked.

The series of Education for Change Concept Papers defines our understanding and approach in key areas of the strategy and was introduced June 1st, 2014 with the target audience being Oxfam IBIS staff as well as partners and stakeholders.

The papers have been developed through a participatory process by Oxfam IBIS Global Education Group, and they are living documents to be revised whenever needed.


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